SAB Sound and Light Technical Crew


Simon Birchall

When not in a theatre can be found in the hills of the Peak District or at the Oaks Scout campsite.

Started lighting at school and worked as a casual at the Theatre Royal Nottingham in the early 1980's. Started SAB Sound and Light  around 1994.


Connor Dexter

I started working with Connor through Scouts and he has been involved for a number of years. Lighting and IT are his specialties. When not out with SAB he can be found at the Concordia Theatre in Hinkley.  Here he is at the production  desk in 400 Hall Theatre at Repton


This is the look I get when I think its a reasonable request, but pehaps not!

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Neil Palmer

I met Neil on a sound course I was running at Shepsehd Theatre  many years ago and we have worked on a number of projects since, normaaly works in Sound but we have been educating him on lighting in recent weeks and now knows what a gobo and grelco are!  Became a board operator  for Nevilles Island.

When not in a theatre can be found umpiring leage Cricket. Howzat!


How many staff does it take to rig a MAC?  That looks a bit like James Banks with Ben Stibson on the right.

Not a bad advert for Harwthorns as well

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